Metal Recovery & Processing

Globally the largest volume of scrap metal comes from vehicles. Each year more than 12 million vehicles are scrapped in North America alone. Prior to Huron Valley Steel’s development and refinement of automated sortation technologies, most nonferrous metal from automobile shredders was hauled to landfills.

Aluminum accounts for approximately 75% of recovered metals at Huron Valley Steel. After processing the aluminum is available to customers as a mixed wrought/cast scrap, as a 3105 sow or as a 380 sow/ingot.

The remaining 25% of nonferrous metals recovered are comprised of zinc, brass, copper and stainless steel. Huron Valley Steel has the capability to separate the majority of this mixed heavy metal concentrate into different metal groups but today, due to market conditions, most of the mixed metal concentrate is sold to our customers in the Far East.

Both our Anniston, Alabama and River Rouge, Michigan facilities are ISO Certified.

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